Immigrant & Third Culture Kid Therapy

Therapy for Immigrants & Third Culture Kids

As an immigrant myself, I’m familiar with constantly feeling a little out-of-place. When you live a fragmented life with competing cultural values, it can be hard to cultivate a sense of freedom & contentment.

therapy for third culture kids in SunnyvaleMy goal is to help you find an integrated self, growing into a sense of cohesion and peace. Let’s get out of second-guessing yourself in social interactions, and learn instead to accept and even enjoy the complexity of your unique identity.

Maybe you’ve noticed…

  • you struggle to feel at ease moving between different cultures
  • you feel caught between what your family expects of you and what you really want
  • your sense of identity feels fragmented
  • your friends don’t understand your obligations and duties to your family
  • making decisions feels paralyzing
  • you’re not sure what your values really are
  • you’re tired of feeling like a translator for your loved ones
The challenges of an immigrant or third culture kid lifestyle can be significant. Sometimes when we talk about third culture kid problems, it goes deeper than identity confusion. You may experience symptoms of depression, or a deep sense of loneliness and isolation. Third culture kid depression is real, and can increase the challenges of an already complex life. However, living with the influence of multiple cultures can also create a rich, varied, and beautiful life, full of meaning and excitement. 

Looking for Therapy as a TCK or immigrant

A third culture kid (TCK), someone who has spent a significant part of their developmental years outside their parents’ culture, may have a unique perspective when it comes to seeking therapy. The experience of growing up in multiple cultures can contribute to a complex and multifaceted identity, which may impact their feelings about therapy in various ways.

Cultural Identity Struggles:
TCKs often grapple with questions of identity, as they may not completely identify with any single culture. This can create a sense of displacement or feeling "rootless." When considering therapy, a TCK might hope to find a professional who understands the intricacies of their cultural background and can help them navigate the complexities of their identity.
Global Nomad Lifestyle
The constant mobility of a TCK's life can make it challenging to establish long-term connections or feel a sense of stability. Therapy might be seen as an opportunity to create a consistent space for introspection, self-discovery, and emotional support, especially if they find it difficult to share their experiences with friends or family who may not fully comprehend the TCK lifestyle.
Cultural Competence in Therapy
TCKs may be cautious about seeking therapy if they fear that a therapist might not grasp the nuances of their cross-cultural experiences. The ideal therapist for a TCK would be someone who is culturally competent and sensitive, acknowledging the unique challenges they face in navigating different cultural landscapes.
Navigating Relationship Dynamics
TCKs often develop a unique set of skills in building relationships across diverse cultural backgrounds. Therapy may be a space where they explore and navigate the impact of these skills on their personal and professional relationships, as well as any challenges they may encounter in forming deep connections.

In essence, a TCK’s approach to seeking therapy is likely influenced by a desire for understanding, cultural sensitivity, and the creation of a safe space where their unique experiences are not only acknowledged but also integrated into the therapeutic process.

Online therapy for immigrants and third culture kids can help you

Therapy for immigrants

  • unravel what values you want to honour and carry forward with you, and which ones don’t quite fit
  • find ease in your relationships, as you work to blend your new life with your roots
  • connect your thoughts and feelings, to better understand how to heal your relationship with your identity
  • learn to balance your needs with respect for your family and culture

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FAQs about therapy for immigrants & third culture kids

We’ll work together to understand your history and how it’s impacting your current circumstances. Therapy will feel like a conversation, where we get to know who you are under the layers of various cultural influences

For many immigrants and third culture kids, the ease and convenience of online therapy works well, especially if you’re living between different countries. The flexibility of online therapy is ideal if you’re living a global lifestyle. We also offer in person therapy in London, UK.

At Anam Cara, we use HIPAA compliant GoogleMeet for all our virtual therapy sessions.

Our fees are currently $180 per 50 minute session. There is a sliding scale available through Open Path Collective.

Easy! Just click this link to schedule your free consultation, where we’ll meet for 15 minutes to see if we’re a good fit. This is a low pressure, low stakes opportunity to get to know each other without committing to ongoing therapy 🙂