About Sarah

Anam Cara means “soul friend,” a person to walk beside you as you share your thoughts and feelings.

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Sarah, a proud 3rd culture kid, recovering perfectionist, &  licensed therapist. I believe that together, we can unlearn rigid rules about who you “should” be and cultivate a life of freedom and peace. 

Maybe you grew up in multiple cultures and are confused about where you belong, or how you need to behave in order to feel accepted. Maybe you grew up in a family with rigid definitions of success, and you’re only now recognising the constant stress and pressure you’ve carried your whole life. You feel unmoored, your anxiety is inescapable, and you still don’t know your place in this world.

If you’re looking for a compassionate ear and you’re ready to dig deeper, I’m here for you.

What I offer

I offer individual therapy, specializing in adults struggling with anxiety and culture/identity. I blend Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy with my background in trauma and attachment theory in order to support the whole person: their history, their relationships, and their present circumstances.

My Credentials

My US license in in California under Sarah Heacock, LPCC #8754. In the UK I’m a registered member with the BACP.

What to expect

At my practice, Anam Cara Counseling, you can expect convenient virtual counseling and early morning availability, starting from 6 a.m. Pacific time. I also serve UK based clients throughout the day. We will start with a low-stakes introductory phone call to get to know one another and see if we’re a good fit. If you’re ready to move forward, click the contact button below to set up a time to chat!

I look forward to working with you!