Mental Health in the Bay Area

At Anam Cara Counseling, we recognize that physical location has a significant impact on mental health. Acknowledging the impact of place on our well-being allows us to disentangle the effects of our social sphere on our thought processes and emotions. Those of us who have lived in the Bay Area are aware of the vast […]

When is sadness useful?

What do you think when you hear the word “wallow?” For many people, this word holds strong negative associations. The word wallowing is usually used when someone is so absorbed in their own thoughts and feelings that they are unable to pull themselves out of it and focus on something else; being so consumed by […]

Why is this happening to me?

If you are seeking therapy, you may also be asking yourself “Why is this happening to me?” Mental illness is a complicated matter and it can be as confusing as it is frustrating. If you have ever found yourself wondering what may be causing your mental health issues, keep reading. When we ask, “Why is […]

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