Social Anxiety Therapy

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Therapist in Sunnyvale

Maybe you’re just realizing you’ve been living with constant, low level social anxiety for your entire life. Or maybe you’ve always been aware of that tension, and even fear, in social settings. Sometimes, the anxiety is more intense, and you feel like you’re having a heart attack, or can’t breathe. Sometimes, it’s just that niggling feeling that something is bound to go wrong, or that you’re not *quite* doing things right.

What would your life look like without a permanently clenched jaw, or frequent stress-induced migraines? What would it feel like to live free of constantly overthinking and worrying about if others are judging you? Anxiety is a beast, but we can tackle it together.

How Social Anxiety Can Show Up

Social Anxiety online therapy

  •  You struggle to participate in meetings at work
  • You get overwhelmed during an errand, so head back home instead of completing your task
  • Even when you really like someone, mustering up the courage to date feels exhausting
  • When you’re talking to someone, you’re only half present, always focused on how they’re perceiving you rather than what you’re saying
  • Using public toilets feels daunting, so you restrict your food and water consumption to avoid having to go
  • Even with close friends, you still worry you’ve upset them or they’re getting tired of spending time with you


If this sounds familiar, know that it can get better. At Anam Cara Counseling, we use a tailored approach for social anxiety online therapy.

My Approach

I use a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety as well as deeper techniques to get to the source of your social anxiety, including mindfulness, attachment theory, and Internal Family Systems. With this combination, we can manage your day-to-day anxiety symptoms as well as understand and heal from the root causes. We offer social anxiety online therapy with a social anxiety therapist in Sunnyvale.

In therapy we will…

  1. Get to the root cause of you social anxiety to understand your specific challenges better
  2. Create a plan to manage your triggers
  3. Practice skills so you can feel more confident in social settings
  4. Move from managing your social anxiety to truly thriving in authentic relationships

If you’re ready to get deeper and move forward on healing your social anxiety, click below to schedule your free consultation with our social anxiety therapist in Sunnyvale. 

FAQs for our Social Anxiety Therapist

We’ll work together to understand your history and how it’s impacting your current circumstances. We’ll also talk about specific skills you can use to feel more comfortable and confident with others.

For many people with social anxiety, the ease and convenience of online therapy works well. Additionally, the lower barrier to entry (you don’t have to come into an office and meet someone face to face) means that you’re more likely to show up. There are no guarantees in therapy, but we see the best success with people who are motivated to get to the root of their challenges and are really ready to move forward.

At Anam Cara, we use HIPAA compliant GoogleMeet for all our virtual therapy sessions.

Our fees are currently $180 per 50 minute session. There is a sliding scale available through Open Path Collective.

Easy! Just click this link to schedule your free consultation, where we’ll meet for 15 minutes to see if we’re a good fit. This is a low pressure, low stakes opportunity to get to know each other without committing to ongoing therapy 🙂