Autism, ADHD, and Neurodivergent Therapy

Therapy for ADHD and Autism

With 7 years of experience working with ADHD and Autism, I know that the typical symptoms that show up on Google don’t tell the whole story.

Neurodivergent affirming therapy

When you’re looking for ADHD or Autism-focused therapy, you probably want help managing things like

  • innattention,
  • lack of motivation, and
  • social issues

But you likely also have lived with a

  • vague sense of shame,
  • a deep, unfulfilled desire for connection, and
  • constant exhaustion from masking 24/7.

At Anam Cara, we believe that these symptoms deserve just as much care and attention as the stereotypical ones.

Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy

When you come to Anam Cara Counseling, my goal is to help you learn skills to manage your symptoms and cope with the world we live in. But I want so much more for you than just learning how to “fit in.” My job is to also help you embrace who you are, understand your unique brain on a deeper level, and learn how to truly thrive.

We practice from a strengths based perspective, with a deep belief that 

You are not a
problem to be fixed
but a
person to be understood

In neurodivergent affirming therapy online in Sunnyvale, we will 

  1. Get into the nitty gritty of how your brain works

  2. Learn to embrace and leverage your strengths in the workplace, relationships, and in your relationship with yourself

  3. Develop awareness of when your needs outstrip the support of your environment

  4. Get comfortable with a set of concrete coping skills to get you through the challenging moments

  5. Learn skills to advocate for your needs in a neurotypical world

If you’re ready to get real, holistic support, click below to set up an intro call and get started.

FAQs for Neurodivergent Affirming Therapy

We’ll work together to understand how your unique brain operates, giving equal weight to your challenges and strengths. We don’t focus on “fixing” you, but on helping you understand yourself.

Our therapist, Sarah, has over 7 years of experience providing therapy to children, adults and teenagers with autism. 

Our therapist, Sarah has over 7 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and adults with ADHD in schools, homes, and private practice settings. We now offer ADHD therapy online in Sunnyvale, California or in person in London

Our fees are currently $180 per 50 minute session. There is a sliding scale available through Open Path Collective.

Easy! Just click this link to schedule your free consultation, where we’ll meet for 15 minutes to see if we’re a good fit. This is a low pressure, low stakes opportunity to get to know each other without committing to ongoing therapy 🙂