Release anxiety,
cultivate ease

Online Therapy in California
Do you worry you’re a disappointment to those you love? Do you feel constantly burdened by other’s expectations? Are you caught between who you want to be and what your family or boss expect from you?
The idea of setting boundaries terrifies you, but you know that something needs to change. You love your family, and respect them too. You’re driven and have worked so hard to get to this point in your education or career. Something just doesn’t feel sustainable anymore.
If you grew up with complicated family dynamics, shifting the way you engage with relationships is inherently frightening. Maybe you’re an oldest daughter, a child of immigrants or a third culture kid. You might be a high achiever; perfectionism and the drive to succeed are handed down the family lineage. When you grow up with rigid definitions of success, it can be hard to even recognize the constant stress and pressure you’re under… until you crack.
You’re searching for a name for this feeling-is it burnout? Anxiety? Is this maybe just a work problem? Do I actually have undiagnosed ADHD or autism? Is this religious trauma?

I’m here to help you navigate the challenges of realigning your relationships and managing anxiety whilst honoring your values.

I’m Sarah, and I’m here to help.